Plot Land for sale in Tijoco Bajo

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On Sale 140.000€ - terreno

Plot Land for sale in Tijoco Bajo


Plot Land for sale Tijoco Bajo: 486 M2



Tijoco is located about 8 kilometers from the capital and at an average altitude of 108 meters above sea level, identifying here the maximum level reached by the municipality. The locality is characterized by being formed by a large rural and natural area.

It is formed by the nuclei of the population of La Concepción, Tijoco Alto, Tijoco Bajo and Marazul, as well as by the scattered houses.

It has several cultural centers, with the Center for Child and Primary Education Tijoco Bajo, the churches of La Milagrosa in Tijoco Bajo and of the Conception in the homonymous core, numerous hermitages, playgrounds, sports fields, soccer field, sports hall, several funeral parlors, gas stations, pharmacy and public squares, as well as small shops, bars and restaurants. There is also a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses here.

Tijoco has an area of ​​protected natural areas of the Corona Forestal Natural Park, the scientific site of the Isorana cliffs and the protected landscape of the Erques gorge, as well as a small area of ​​the Teide National Park.


Plot Land for sale in Tijoco Bajo

Construction capacity 1.60 m2 / m2 (777.60 m2 per building)

Height of 2 floors – 7.5 meters.

Soil occupancy factor: 80%

Garage- 200 m2


Plot Land for sale in Tijoco Bajo

  • 486 M2
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