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Interior design: a matter of style

Diseñadores, interiores

In Agenzia Immobiliare Tenerife we ​​already have several articles extolling the virtues of the different types of interior decoration with which we can give personality to our home. What we needed to know is that it is, concretely, the development of interiors; the interior design With this article we will try to clear some of the doubts we may have regarding this art; Needless to say, combining different design styles can make our atmosphere unique. And if we have some designers that support us, the best.

To give a technical definition, interior design or interior design is the discipline involved in the process of forming the experience of the interior space; with the manipulation of the volume of the space and the treatment of the surfaces.

This should not be confused with interior decoration. The design explores aspects such as environmental psychology, architecture and product design, in addition to traditional decoration. It is a creative practice that analyzes information, establishes a conceptual direction, refines the design and produces graphic communication and construction documents

Diseño de interiores, interiorismo

Designers: interior design experts

Interior designers are the professionals who develop this art; among its main functions is the research and analysis of the product; procurement and installation of furniture; and to prepare the construction documents, if these were or were necessary.

Needless to say, the opinion of these professionals (as well as that of your real estate agent) is valid for their experience and knowledge of the field of action.

Design and design styles

The first step, of course, to make an efficient interior design is to determine the client’s objectives, deadlines and budget. Subsequently, the designer presents a proposal that outlines the concept of design and the cost to carry it out; specifying, in addition, if furniture, goods or other type of elements will be procured. Of course, sketches and drawings are vital before proceeding to start the work, since they must be accepted by the client.

Today, there are computer programs (CAD planimetry) that carry out this type of planning; it is something that optimizes work and eliminates many hours of hand drawing. The improvement in efficiency is more than evident.

Estilos de diseño

After this work, the drawings are presented to the client; If everything is approved, we can continue with the work. That will be the easy part; acquire the furniture and direct the possible works that are made. Obviously, although it has the approval of the client, the creative freedom of the designer; besides the knowledge in design styles should be the motivation to carry out this work.

The design of interiors, as well as the profession derived from them, has boomed in recent times; The greater professionalization of these designers is a guarantee, always, of better results. If we hire a professional with knowledge and experience, the result will be more than optimal.

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