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Getting to know Tenerife: The Cliff of Los Gigantes

We have been touring the different areas that should be known on the island of Tenerife (whose previous entries you can see in this list) today we want to visit one of the paradigmatic places in the south of Tenerife. Specifically we will know something more about the not so famous Cliff of the Giants. And we say not so famous since it is widely known, it does not usually have the publicity of other places. However, in terms of natural landscape, the Cliff of the Giants is only surpassed by the Teide; always talking about the island of Tenerife.

South-Southwest of Tenerife: Cliff of the Giants

To begin to approach the place, we must know its physical composition. Los Gigantes Cliffs represent a volcanic geological accident; It is characterized by its vertical walls from heights of more than 300 meters. Administratively they are between the municipalities of Buenavista del Norte and Santiago del Teide; inside the Teno Rural Park.

Acantilado de los Gigantes, referencia en la zona sur de tenerife

In prehispanic times they were known as the Wall of Hell or the Wall of the Devil; and to faith that it is so. His dark lavas made him (and made him) an impassable geographical feature towards the interior of the island. Only some ravines are able to pierce these cliffs, leaving behind them coves of natural sand or gravel; to access these beaches it is necessary to access by boat since the access on foot are really complicated

The seabed under the cliffs is about thirty meters deep; the difficulty of their access makes them lodge an incredible natural wealth, something that attracts many divers. Undoubtedly, one of the favorite places in the south of Tenerife for the realization of this activity.

Essential in the south of Tenerife

The situation and climate have favored the development of an important tourist development on the coast of the municipality of Santiago del Teide. It has a marina, as well as a large residential area and hospitality. As a remarkable fact, it can be said that the town of Los Gigantes did not appear on the maps of the 1950s; The development of this area of ​​the island in the last half century has been exponential.

As we like to influence from Agenzia Immobiliare Tenerife, the southern part of the island is not just sun and beach; that also. The south of Tenerife hides places like the Cliff of the Giants, places that leave you speechless. Sites such as Playa de las Vistas, Montaña Roja in El Medano or this cliff of Los Gigantes show how varied the island is. As some define it, it is a miniature container.

Tenerife is still one of the main tourist destinations worldwide; and that is not a coincidence. The diversity of its landscapes, the difference of landscapes between the north and south zones; besides being able to be on the same day in the high mountains and on the beach, they give the island something that very few places in the world can offer: something that goes, sure, in the taste of the whole world. Without exception.

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