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Mortgage language: What is the Euribor?

Qué es el Euribor - Respondemos a la gran pregunta sobre nuestra hipoteca

When we made the decision to buy a new house, in addition to seeking the help of the best real estate professionals (such as those who are part of Agenzia Immobiliare Tenerife), we are faced with a host of questions…

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Interior design: a matter of style

Diseñadores, interiores

In Agenzia Immobiliare Tenerife we ​​already have several articles extolling the virtues of the different types of interior decoration with which we can give personality to our home. What we needed to know is that it is, concretely, the development…

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Tenerife Walking Festival

As we said in previous articles, the Canary Islands have wanted to abandon the image of being a place of only Sun and Beach to become a place of global tourism. On this occasion we will talk about Tenerife Walking…

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